GUALAGON - Frankensteins Schreckensgigant
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A hearty Hello to all of you international Kaiju Fans out there!

We've noticed, that our Gualagon project has created a lot of interest in the community, so we decided to include this text on the website as well.

First of all, let us clear up some missunderstandings. Gualagon will be a radioplay (although the term radioplay is not quite appropriate, since this will not be played on the radio, therefore we prefer the term audioplay) and not a movie. Apparently there had been two facts that led people to believe, that Gualagon will be a movie. Although it is correct that the main creative person behind the project is indeed the same Ralf Lorenz who helmed the (in)famous Kongula Movie Project, this time he decided to create and produce an audioplay. This was not done due to budgetary reasons, as some people believe, but because this time he wanted to make sure that he would have a team behind him to ensure the completion of the project. The other reason for people to think we would be doing a movie, was the button marked 'trailer'. There will be a trailer on our homepage soon, alas it will be an audio trailer only.

Also there were reports that there will be a comicbook etc. for Gualagon. Neither a comicbook nor other variations of the project are planned right now. There was also speculation on an english version of the audioplay. Sorry to disappoint you again, but so far we are not considering this as anything that will happen soon, if ever. Of course we would love to do all those things, but at the moment our tight budget will not permit us to do so. However, we are considering to release the soundtrack seperately, including an english booklet, if there is enough demand for it. So send us an e-mail and let us know what you think.
Ok, now that we have cleared that up, a few more words on how and why Gualagon - The audioplay came about. Unlike the US, where radioplays had their haydays in the 1930s and 1940s, germany started in the 1950s to create radioplays. In the beginning only crime storys were produced. In the late 1960s SF storys like John Wyndhams 'The Triffids' were strewn in for good measure as well. About the same time audioplays for kids started to turn up on vinyl records. To keep costs low, most companys started either with fairy tales (Brothers Grimm etc.) or original written Western and respectively Crime storys, because they would not have to pay for any copyrights that way. In the beginning of the 1970s SF and Horror made their entry into the children´s rooms as well. It was also during that time that most of the people involved in the project were introduced to the Godzilla movies. Those flicks usually played on saturday or sunday afternoons at the local cinemas in the kids matinee and it was back then that we were first exposed to 'War of the Gargantuas' (german title: 'Frankenstein - Zweikampf der Giganten') the main source of inspiration for Gualagon. In case you are wondering what Frankenstein has to do with a Toho production, the answer is: Nothing at all. In Germany it was customary during that time to associate the giant monster movies with Frankenstein, because the distributors thought the movie would sell better with that name in the title. In most cases the term Frankenstein was simply dubbed into the synchronisation, usually mentioned only once. By the way, in french speaking countries most of the Godzilla movies had Dracula in the title for the very same reason.

Unfortunately the production of audioplays in Germany, with very few exceptions, came to a grinding halt in the 1980s. This phase lasted until early 2000 when people again started to show interest in audioplays and audiobooks. Now, over 30 years later, it seemed only natural to combine those fond memories of our childhood into one project. We were incredibly lucky and are very proud to have Konrad Halver directing and acting in this production, since he was and still is one of the most influential persons in the german audioplay scene from the mid-sixties up to today.

As was noted above, we are very fond of the Kaiju Genre and this project will cost us all of our meager savings, so we are especially grateful for all the support you, the fans, have given our project so far and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

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